CMMG Mk4 Banshee 5" 5.7x28 (Non-ZEROED Trigger)

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What many might consider the all-star of personal defense weapon calibers, 5.7x28mm has cemented itself as a greatly effective round with less recoil than 5.56mm at closer ranges. With just a 5" barrel this ultra-compact BANSHEE will fit almost anywhere you need it. If you're not fond of pistol magazine-fed ARs don't worry, this BANSHEE is built on CMMG's Mk4 AR15 platform which uses a standard AR15 lower receiver and CMMG's new and improved 5.7x28mm AR conversion mags. Originally developed for the .45 ACP MkG platform, CMMG has adapted the Radial Delayed Blowback system across their pistol caliber lineup to create pistols and rifles with a softer recoil impulse and reduced bolt weight compared to traditional straight blowback systems.