CMMG Mk4 Resolute 5.56 (Non-ZEROED Trigger)

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When dimensions and caliber are brought up, this is the quintessential AR15 that comes to most people's minds. This CMMG RESOLUTE is chambered in 5.56x45mm, one of the most widely used calibers globally, and for good reason. Both 5.56 and its counterpart .223 Rem have served militaries, hunters and recreational shooters for decades. Whether you're considering your initial rifle or adding to your collection, a 5.56 RESOLUTE carbine is an essential addition. If you're aiming for a specific appearance or have a preferred AR accessory, worry not. This 5.56 RESOLUTE is constructed on our Mk4 platform, accommodating virtually all AR15 accessories. In scenarios where full-size rifles prove cumbersome and pistols/SBRs fall short in offering the desired long range ballistic performance, the CMMG RESOLUTE line of carbine length rifles emerges as the solution. Outfitted with the full range of ZEROED parts and accessories, along with our renowned RIPSTOCK, the RESOLUTE rifle is consistently fitting. The new EML 15 handguard introduces a stylish touch. M-LOK attachment slots are strategically situated at the anticipated 3, 6, and 9 O'clock positions, and at the top at 12 O'clock, replacing the previous handguard's full length picatinny section. This adaptation reduces weight while maintaining an extra M-LOK section, providing shooters with a secure platform to mount essential accessories. With an array of caliber choices, simply select the suitable one for the task and allow your rifle to communicate its capabilities.