FCD JMW (Joint Muzzle device Wrench)

Forward Controls Design (FCD)
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Do not exceed 50 ft lb of torque on the suppressor/thinner side of the JMW.
Take care to neutralize Rockset or thread locker on the existing muzzle device already mounted on the barrel prior to wrenching.  Using JMW's thinner side to remove a muzzle device with Rockset or other thread locker intact will damage and bend the JMW's prongs.  The thin (suppressor mount) side of the JMW can handle 50 in lb, far greater than the torque value specified by muzzle device manufacturers as the torque value.  If you don't know what was used on the existing muzzle device, please take it to a gunsmith, or contact the manufacturer for info, before applying 100 ft lb of torque on your muzzle device.
JMW is the newest addition to our line of dedicated, high quality AR15/M16 tools.  It is a combination wrench with a 3/4 wrench with a 0.23 thickness for the A2 compensator , and another 3/4 wrench  with a 0.20 thickness for the Keymo, Key Micro mounts, such as our 6315KM, 6310KM, SOLGW's NOX, and Dead Air's flash suppressors, compensators and brakes.  The 0.20 side is also suitable for use with other suppressor mounts that have thinner than A2 spec (0.23) flats.
JMW follows the well developed JCW (Joint Castle nut Wrench) form factor, it is a compact wrench designed to be used with a torque wrench (1/2 drive). 
Most armorer's wrenches have a rather thick 3/4 wrench for torquing the A2 compensator.  While adequate for the A2 compensator, this presents an issue with muzzle devices with thinner than A2 spec flats, an armorer wrench's 3/4 wrench often can't find enough clearance, and  is too thick for the flats which are sandwiched between the barrel and the muzzle device's sound suppressor mounting interface.  To make things more complicated, some muzzle alignment shims can be of slightly larger outer diameter than the barrel.  A typical 3/4" wrench often can't be used to torque these muzzle devices.
JMW's thinner side of the 3/4" wrench has a thickness (0.20) designed for muzzle devices with thinner than A2 compensator spec flats, such as Dead Air's Keymo, Key Micro suppressor mounts, and Surefire suppressor mounts.  Billet machined in 4140, heat treated and black oxided, it has the recommended torque value (20 to 30 ft/lb) laser engraved.
JMW, like CBW (Combined Barrel nut Wrench) and JCW (Joint Castle nut Wrench) requires a torque wrench with 1/2" drive.
JMW is another joint project between Arson Machines and Forward Controls Design.  Proudly designed and made in the USA.
If your muzzle device had thread locker or Rocksett applied when it was installed, please take appropriate steps to neutralize/remove it before attempting to loosen it.  Thread locker and Rocksett will do their job to prevent the muzzle device from loosening.  If you possess the strength of God and start torqueing it without neutralizing the adhesive first, it will damage the wrench or barrel. 
Most suppressor mounts have the recommended torque value between 20 to 30 ft·lbs.  Use a torque wrench to impart the correct torque value, excessive torque will bend any wrench.
JMW's suppressor mount side (slightly thinner than the A2 side) can handle up to 50lb of torque.  You can use a torque wrench when you're removing an existing muzzle device to monitor and not exceed 50 ft lb of torque.