FCD ESF-E (Eyelet)

Forward Controls Design (FCD)
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ESF-E (End plate, Sling adapter, FCD, Eyelet) is the latest member of the ESF family of end plates/sling adapters.  Whereas ESF-H1 (single QD socket) and ESF-H1 (3 QD sockets) are end plates with QD sockets for QD sling swivels, ESF-E features an eyelet for use with HK hooks or the superb BFG ULoop.  ESF-H is not compatible with Magpul's Paraclip.

Machined from a solid piece of 4140 steel and DLC coated (or Cerakote FDE, FDE, and burnt bronze), it's an option for users that don't want or need the quick detach function.  QD has its uses, though it does add another component (QD swivel) that depending on its quality, could be a point of failure, in addition to added weight and cost. 
ESF-E can be used with a piece of paracord, we recommend Blue Force Gear's ULoop or the ubiquitous HK hooks.  The width of the eyelet is wider than the eyelet on HK rifles and submachine guns to ensure durability (ESF-E: 0.180", HK416 eyelet on HK416 gas block eyelet: 0.145", Haenel CR223 end plate eyelet: 0.015")
Weight: 0.76oz
Machined from 4140
Available finishes: DLC (black), or Cerakoted FDE, ODG and burnt bronze.
Eyelet/loope width: 0.180"