FCD MFH (M-Lok Fixed loop, Heavy)

Forward Controls Design (FCD)
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MFH is a collaboration between Sol Lehnerd at Rooftop Defense and Forward Controls, it was an idea Sol brought up in the summer of 2022 and wanted to bring to reality.

Sol recalls the impetus of a fixed loop sling mount thus: A sling loop that mounts directly to a MLOK rail has been something I have wanted since 2016. As a shooter, I have found that QD swivels at the front of the gun like to meet Mr. Murphy and sometimes detach themselves at the most inopportune times. By removing the QD swivel and QD socket, we achieve a simpler setup that’s more robust and better retains the weapon.
In my personal use, I like to pair a fixed loop at the front of the gun, such as this one, with a QD sling swivel mounted on the buttstock. This allows me to reap the benefits of fixed sling retention on the gun’s forend, but still quickly remove the weapon from my person when wearing full kit or fully separate an AR upper and lower for maintenance purposes.
For Forward Controls Design's part, we've been developing simplified sling mounting solutions that do away with QD swivels. Quick detach isn't necessary in every application, it also adds additional hardware and complexity. Quick detach has its place and uses, for those that want the QD feature, we offer MSQ-H (MLOK QD sling adapter) and ESF-H (End plate with QD sockets).